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Who is David Van Knapp?
Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I write for self-directed individual investors. My books are step-by-step guides
that present a straightforward system for picking, valuing, and managing stocks.

I am a former business executive, legal analyst, and rocket scientist (literally). I am a
successful individual investor. I retired early, in 2001, to research and write my first
SENSIBLE STOCK INVESTING: How to Pick, Value, and Manage
(March, 2008, iUniverse Star). Click on the cover image to the right for a
complete description of this book.

I am firmly convinced that famed investor Peter Lynch was correct when he
said that “the amateur investor has numerous built-in advantages that, if
exploited, should result in his or her outperforming the experts, and also the
market in general.”
All individual investors should take heart from Lynch's

I have also written six eBooks on dividend investing:
  • TOP 40 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2014: A Sensible Guide to
    Dividend Growth the cover image to right for more information
    DIVIDEND GROWTH longer available.
  • TOP 40 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2012: How to Create and Maintain a
    Dividend Growth longer available.
  • TOP 40 DIVIDEND-GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2011: How to Create Wealth or
    Income from Dividend-Growth Stocks...No longer available.
  • THE TOP 40 DIVIDEND STOCKS FOR 2010: How to Generate Wealth or Income
    from Dividend Stocks...No longer available.
  • THE TOP 40 DIVIDEND STOCKS FOR 2009: Dividend Investing for the Long
    Haul...No longer available.
  • THE TOP 40 DIVIDEND STOCKS FOR 2008: How (and Why) to Build a Cash
    Machine of Dividend Stocks...No longer available.


I hold an undergraduate degree in physics from Holy Cross College and
earned my JD from Georgetown University Law Center in 1974. I received
formal business training in the MBA program at Rochester Institute of
Technology and also in the executive development program at INSEAD in
Fontainebleau, France, one of the world’s leading graduate business

Career and Experience

My "first career," prior to law school, utilized my physics degree in
positions as a rocket scientist and systems engineer.

My "second career," following law school, included positions as a legal
analyst, author, and editor; editor-in-chief; general manager with profit-and-
loss responsibilities; and business development and strategic planner. My  
employer—a global information and publishing company—supplied "must-
have" information to lawyers, accountants, scientists, and the investment

These two careers contributed greatly to the successful stock investment
methodologies that I have developed. I know how to integrate information
from disparate sources and to think critically and analytically. I understand
how public companies strategize, decide what projects or acquisitions to
pursue, deal with financial issues, and compete. I understand what
separates great companies from mediocre ones.

As a published analyst and author, I have extensive experience in taking
complex subjects, often involving contradictory points of view, and
blending them into a reasonable and readable presentation.

Finally, I am a successful individual investor. I developed the principles,
step-by-step approaches, and investment tools through years of research
and practical experience. They work.

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I can be reached at this email address:
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